Why video?

Besides being an extremely useful way to check out a venue and get a good feel of its atmosphere, the algorithm for Facebook and twitters feeds prioritise video. You’ll also be able to build an impressive brand identity with my help, making your business more attractive to potential patrons. Not to mention that they look really cool!

I am passionate about making gorgeous looking films for promotional and personal purposes.

Why hire a pro?

Come on, nobody wants to see the rubbish iPhone video you took of your Sunday roasts. Even if they are better than my Mum’s effort (I doubt it, they’re frankly superb), I don’t want to be able to count the pixels on my carrots.

Prices are fixed and a quick quote can be drawn up based on the complexity of your needs. I’ve also got my own sexy equipment meaning there’s no rentals, so I can keep the cost lower – unless you’d like us to! I’d love to shoot a pub with a RED in 8k.

Using my current equipment I can produce separate video files for each site – tailoring the final product’s res & bit rate, up to 4K.
I’ll also throw in a couple cheeky boomerangs for you if you buy me a beer.