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On the first Wednesday of EVERY month, super rad dude @JosephRingwood – Laine Brew Co brewer, super cool brewer for The North Laine Brewhouse and all around good dude – makes a 100L brew with his old kit with customers and staff, making the most eccentric and crazy brews we can think of. It’s super fun and Joe is incredibly […]

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Slightly inappropriate play on words aside, this project was tons of fun. It was essentially a brief given in a job application where we had to create a sort of presentation for a competitor for those video websites like Tasty that are based around great food. The idea behind Hoppy Ending was that it was about pairing really great beer […]

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I recently went on a dope road trip around the Pacific North West and instead of making a boring holiday compilation video I thought I’d try and see if I could craft it into a story. I love the challenge of telling stories through video and this was no exception. The idea behind this project was to shoot in quite […]

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Jumped on the music video game didn’t I

I have been pretty quiet, but I swear I’ve been working hard lately! Basically, I know some dudes who were looking for a dope video to kickstart their brand new EP. Now I’ve never shot a music video before, but I gave it a good crack. This was a hell of a lot of fun to shoot and plan.  We met […]

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I went on an adventure down my local wooded area

Everybody gets a little sad.  Last time I got a little sad, I moped around my local woods and pointed my cameras at different plants and other edgy stuff.  It was a really cool challenge trying to make seemingly static things seem interesting.  I started off the editing process trying to force this piece look like it was shot straight out […]