I enjoy having fun with the let’s play medium

I feel like the whole let’s play thing has a slight negative stigma attached to it; 13 year old children using an unregistered hypercam to show off their Minecraft skills at a depressing 15 frames per second. Not every video is like this; you do get some really great channels – my favourites being Hat Films and Rooster Teeth’s Let’s Play channel – however it feels like for every channel with a high production quality, there are thousands that are total shite. The whole let’s play thing is very over-saturated. You can find good ones, and you can find bad ones, but you’ll most likely find bad ones.

I run a very unsuccessful let’s play channel with two of my cousins, but we have a great time and I love it. I find that it’s a really refreshing way for me to practice my editing while still being candid and having fun with my slightly odd sense of humour. Through this, I’ve “met” some incredibly talented people from around the world, and I’ve also joined a really great community where I can play with some super awesome people.

TL;DR let’s playing is hella fun, but there are too many people that do it, making it look like a whole ball of some shitty mess that it’s near impossible to stand out from.

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