Here’s a vid I made for the Hop Gin that’s currently on sale at The North Laine Brewhouse. It’s rad, people love it and I love making it.

I love hops and I love gin. “Hopped” gin has become fairly popular in the last year or so, with some really great Gin distilleries using hops as a botanical. This method of hopping gin creates a lovely, subtle flavour from the flower and adds a tiny amount of hop bitterness.

But I also love beer, and when I first started drinking craft beer, powerful and hop-centric IPAs where my go-to. When I first tried Punk IPA by BrewDog – for instance; it blew my mind. How could something be so damn bitter and delicious?

Hops can be great to add subtle flavours but they can also be great when used in a completely-over-the-top-taste-sensation way.

This is where my Hop Gin comes in. By adding the hops post-distillation to a finished gin you can either completely change the way the gin tastes and create something devastatingly bitter which takes on the centric flavours and aromas from the hop OR you can create something lovely and subtle, whilst still taking on some aroma and taste from the hop.

Plus, it’s green. Really green.


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The video was LOADS of fun to make and it was great to make something so professional and polished – weeks of planning and making sure not only the gin was ready but also I had everything I needed for the shoot.

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