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Back with more Game Sink nonsense

I love making trailers.  It’s a nice, refreshing challenge, trying to cram an hour’s worth of interesting content into less than a minute.  I think a good trailer can say a lot, it’s definitely not an easy thing to keep it entertaining enough to entice your audience, and certainly not to keep it short and sweet.  Anyway, somewhere in this […]

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Getting fit with Elevation Boxing is super sweet

I recently bought a super fancy DSLR, which was awesome, but it took me some time to learn how to use it.  I decided I wanted to shoot a not-so-serious documentary at my place of work, but due to my inexperience with the fancy new camera I binned it.  It’s definitely something I’d like to revisit, but maybe with more […]

Bought a cheeky tripod for my phone

Documentary filmmaking on a budget! Last night at work I decided it would be a super rad idea to do a mockumentary of the pub I work at.  This way I’ve got even more varied stuff to stick on here, plus everybody likes a bit of Louis Theroux so I figured I would give it a go with my own unique […]

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I enjoy having fun with the let’s play medium

I feel like the whole let’s play thing has a slight negative stigma attached to it; 13 year old children using an unregistered hypercam to show off their Minecraft skills at a depressing 15 frames per second. Not every video is like this; you do get some really great channels – my favourites being Hat Films and Rooster Teeth’s Let’s […]

Amsterdam is super awesome

I am going to move there because Dan Hoff is there and he is also super awesome.   – I’m not even going to change this, it’s going to be my first blog post forever and always.  Amsterdam is super dope and I am going to move there because my friend Dan Hoff lives there and he is super awesome. […]

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Did a cheeky little promo for the Hooligans summer collection once

Shot this a few weeks ago in a skatepark in Bedminster, Bristol.  It was my first piece of work that wasn’t purely for my own interests.  This isn’t the final revision, however that won’t be up until hlgns are good and ready to post it.  You can guarantee that I’ll be sharing every-which way I can, though. The video in […]